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As a sales manager or sales rep, you are focused on the best path of sale as you juggle complex sales involving multiple accounts. Lucidchart helps you visualize and map the best path of sale, including the political landscape, decision makers, champions, blockers, and even next steps. Visually understanding the organization enables you to determine the best way to accelerate a sales cycle and close the deal. The platform’s ease of use allows you to spend time on the activities that move the needle.

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Once a deal has been qualified, we try to outline the political landscape of a company. We're looking for who's my champ, who are my influencers, who are my people that are problems that we need to overcome. So we'll make an org chart, and based on that, there's kind of a coding of who each person represents, because we target field operations, marketing, and then obviously the sales leadership area.

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Visualize your accounts and target the right prospects without taking too much time away from the phones. Lucidchart makes it happen with the templates below.

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