Lucidchart Integration with Salesforce

Make the most of your Salesforce data to close bigger deals faster.

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salesforce integration

Visualize your Salesforce data

  • Import account, opportunity, contact, activity, and task data from Salesforce to build dynamic account maps.
  • Understand relationships between key prospects, identify gaps in the buying team, and see the best path to win. 
  • Enable sales leadership to quickly assess the health of a deal with account maps customized to your sales methodology.
  • Standardize your team’s account documentation with Smart Fields and Smart Tables that automatically populate the most important account and opportunity details.
  • Keep account information up to date with Lucidchart’s bi-directional sync—any changes made in Lucidchart will instantly be reflected in Salesforce (and vice versa).
salesforce schema import

Optimize your Salesforce instance

  • Import your Salesforce schema to automatically visualize every table and relationship as an ERD.
  • Easily identify gaps and areas for optimization within your CRM architecture.
  • Map future-state changes to your CRM architecture and gain approval on those changes before they are actually implemented.
  • Seamlessly share changes in your schema across the organization.
lucidchart salesforce integration

Create a single source of truth

  • Eliminate data silos by centralizing all account information in a single location that is always up to date.    
  • Align your revenue team by sharing critical account details and deal progression across your org.
  • Keep account knowledge within the company with account maps centrally owned and managed in Salesforce.
  • Easily onboard new reps and seamlessly transition accounts. 
  • Take advantage of one-click access to Lucidchart documentation directly from an account page in Salesforce.
lucidchart for sales

About Lucidchart for sales

  • Increase sales efficiency and pipeline confidence by gaining insight and predictability into what deals are going to close when. 
  • Align your revenue team by collaborating in real time and creating a single source of truth for all essential account information.
  • Make sense of your Salesforce data to easily identify the right decision-makers and better understand the buying team. 
  • Increase visibility into accounts to keep leaders informed and improve coordination between teams to close deals and onboard accounts faster.
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