Business Diagrams

Diagrams done right

Thousands of shapes

and icons for business use, whether you need to build sales processes, customer service flows, or project maps.

Trusted integration partners

that include G Suite, Confluence, and JIRA. Increase day-to-day productivity by using Lucidchart with your favorite business tools.

Instant org charts

with one-click formatting. Simply upload a .csv with your organization’s data, then watch as a customizable chart appears.

Bulk Visio import & export

lets your team upload up to 200 files at once. For cross-product collaboration, just export any Lucidchart diagram back to Visio.
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Collaborate and share

Working with a team? Whether you have one collaborator or 100, we can help. Lucidchart offers fast, intuitive collaboration that works from any device or location. If you’d prefer to share a finished document instead of a draft, that’s simple too.

Export your diagrams as high-quality PDFs or image files. They can be used as standalone resources or added to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint presentations. We also support online sharing, which includes password protection and embeddable documents.

The perfect fit for any team

Lucidchart’s drag-and-drop editor is effortless to use, so you’ll get projects done in half the time. It runs on any system, whether your employees prefer Mac, PC, or Linux. And there’s no need to get special assistance from the IT department—just open a web browser and begin.

Thousands of companies use Lucidchart to communicate visually. At Pearson, over 10,000 people use Lucidchart in every area of the business, including production, engineering, and human resources.

Pearson Case Study

“It brings clarity and insight to situations where a PowerPoint just wouldn’t cut it.”

Gabe Gloege | Director of Learning & Development

A powerful business solution

First-rate security

First-rate security

Every Lucidchart file is private by default, and account admins can easily set more stringent controls. Decide which users join the team, how often they reset their passwords, and whether document sharing outside your domain is allowed.

Benefits of SaaS

Benefits of SaaS

Affordable pricing makes it easy to choose Lucidchart. If you’re switching from Visio or OmniGraffle, you’ll experience dramatic savings—up to 75% of previous costs. With 100x more shapes than PowerPoint, the value is clear.

Dedicated support team

Dedicated support team

Lucidchart’s customer support representatives are the best in the industry. They’re located at our headquarters, just a few steps from the engineering team. Working together, we provide users with real solutions in record time.