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Diagrams done right

Powerful Visio support

that includes import, export, and editing capabilities for native Visio formats. For a simple team transition, try uploading up to 200 files at once.
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Diagrams for every network

from AWS to Cisco. Try our vast library of vendor icons; if those aren’t enough, we also offer generic shapes for network diagram mapping.

Built for engineers, by engineers

We architect security from the start and use third-party penetration testing. Plus, data is load balanced across triply redundant, physically separate data centers.

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Deep customization

makes it easy to create your own templates, add interactivity, and import editable file types like VSS or SVG. Even set custom shape libraries!

Intelligent diagrams

Try our ERD tool to instantly generate database tables and schemas. Users have also asked for smarter shape prompts and a multi-featured API—so we delivered. Lucidchart is tailor-made for technical diagrams, and that focus is evident in our feature set.

Transitioning from another program is simple. A minimal learning curve, Visio interoperability, and the ability to import Gliffy and OmniGraffle documents makes Lucidchart the obvious choice for specialized diagramming.

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Intelligent Diagrams


Collaborate online—it means fewer emails, interruptions, and unnecessary meetings. With Lucidchart, all of your communication can be done in the browser. The document creator controls sharing permissions on each file or folder, and can reverse actions in a few clicks.

To share your work, just download, embed, or send a link. Account administrators can even add password protection to individual files for greater security. The best part? Your published doc will auto-update whenever a change is applied.

Your engineering notebook made digital

Niche shape libraries

Niche shape libraries

Lucidchart provides a range of smart shape libraries that adhere to industry standards. Explore hundreds of pre-made elements for process flows, system architecture, network diagrams, circuit diagrams, database mappings, ERDs, and more.

Reusable templates

Reusable templates

We provide a selection of free templates to get you started, along with the ability to turn any document into a team or personal template. For even more variety, browse the thousands of user-shared documents in Lucidchart’s community.

Benefits of SaaS

Benefits of SaaS

Now team members can work together seamlessly, whether they prefer Mac, PC, or Linux. Each Lucidchart account comes with automatic updates, cross-platform compatibility, and the flexibility to log in through any modern web browser.