Product Management & Design

Diagrams done right

Fully customizable editor

to put every piece in its place. Select grid settings, hex codes, fonts, or page layout and size. Even the angles of your lines can be modified!

A sophisticated graphics palette

and a multitude of styling options. Set personalized themes, upload custom fonts, and edit images with ease.

Master pages

that instantly apply the same style and structure to every page—no need to do the same work twice.

Keyboard shortcuts

to keep you moving without interruption. Hit F1 to see the full list, which includes actions for panning, zooming, and grouping.


Lucidchart’s collaboration is smooth and easy to use. With our program, you’ll experience chats that don’t lag, an unobtrusive commenting system, and edits that sync instantly. The document creator has complete control over who views or edits the file.

When others enter the workspace, their identity and location on the canvas is clear. Best of all is Lucidchart’s revision history feature. We auto-save on a regular basis, so you can turn back time if you dislike a collaborator’s changes or simply have a change of heart.


Demonstrate exactly how your creation will behave in the real world. Any element can become clickable and lead to an outside website, another layer of your doc, or a separate Lucidchart page. Demo mode lets you show an interactive project the way it’s meant to be seen.

To construct complex wireframes and mockups, you’ll need powerful layer technology. Our layers panel was designed to feel deeply intuitive. In moments, you can reorder layers, toggle them off and on, transfer objects, and much more.

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The shapes you need, regardless of platform

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Lucidchart offers a full range of icons and device types, whether you’re designing for an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Android phone. Choose from popular device shapes and a pre-built library of modern design elements.

Publish and share

Publish and share

Do you dread the flood of emails that accompany each new project? Presenting a Lucidchart file couldn’t be easier. All changes are merged into one living document, which is stored safely online. Try embedding the file or publishing it to a secure web page hosted on our site.

Image management

Image management

Upload your own images—we offer SVG, PNG, and JPG import—or try the in-editor Google image search and IconFinder search. For even faster uploads, use Lucidchart’s integrations with popular image hosting services, including Flickr, Facebook, and Google Drive.