Visio Alternative

Thousands of companies have switched from Visio to Lucidchart. It's a Visio replacement without the high price tag or steep learning curve.
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Easier to use than Visio

Lucidchart is significantly easier to use than Visio. There's no learning curve with Lucidchart's flowcharting software.

Create your diagrams with less time, fewer clicks, and no hassle. Anyone can diagram—get started now!

Easier to use than Visio
Online Visio alternative

Online Visio alternative

Work in real time online on your diagrams with colleagues and clients, and avoid email attachment overload.

Lucidchart's revision history enables you to revert back to previous versions if you dislike recent changes.

Web-based software

Deployment across your organization is immediate and easy—no download or installation necessary.

All documents are saved across multiple data centers to make sure you never lose your valuable work.

More affordable for teams

More affordable than Visio for teams

Free account options

Lucidchart has a free account option for lite users, and professional account options for more advanced users. Try all of our features with a 7 day free trial to figure out what account level is right for you.

With our affordable pricing options, you can outfit your entire organization with Lucidchart for about half the cost of running Visio. Not only will you save money, you’ll also experience productivity improvements!



"Coming from the Visio world previously, I doubted that any remote or web-based application would be able to be as responsive as Visio. Lucidchart is fantastic, and I never expected that." -Nicholas Williams, Senior Technical Design Engineer at Pearson

"I was originally looking for Visio, since that's what I'm used to using, but there is no Visio for Mac. So this was the next best option. And quite frankly I think its on par with Visio... In fact, I like it better than Visio." -Brian Wallin, Engineer at

"I'll be honest, I don't like OmniGraffle. It's too clunky. And Visio is overkill for 95% of people. Lucidchart is incredibly easy to use. Anyone can very quickly figure out what they're doing. That functionality makes it a great solution." -Amanda Somma, PMO for Enable Path