• Microsoft Visio reader

    Microsoft Visio reader

    Have a Visio file but can't open it without purchasing a
    costly Visio license? Register with Lucidchart and start
    importing, viewing and editing your Visio files online with
    no delay.

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Rapid import process

A streamlined Visio document import process makes the migration process painless.

Once imported, always imported. Upload it once and sleep easy not having to worry about local backups.

Easy as pie

Step 1: Click the "Upload Visio" on the My Documents page to begin the short upload process.

Step 2: Celebrate! You never have to open Visio again. Work on your Visio documents right in Lucidchart.

Work simultaneously

Lucidchart's advanced technology allows users to work together in real-time from disparate locations.

Though the Visio import feature is in beta, we are constantly making improvements to ensure high quality.

Save your team

Impress your boss and avoid paying top dollar for software that doesn't do exactly what you need.

Stay on the leading edge of visual communication technology and use software that fits your organization.

Lucidchart customers

Flow charts

Flow charts

Creating flowcharts allows you to simplify complicated processes. With Lucidchart, you can easily map out flows that look professional and are easy to understand.



Want to create network diagrams? Try Lucidchart's AWS shapes. Combined with vendor-neutral network diagrams and Cisco network shapes, your team can make and share detailed network diagrams.

Org chart software

Org chart software

Lucidchart's org chart functionality is simple and intuitive. With the click of a button, clean up the entire layout. You can also upload a spreadsheet to input dozens of employees at once.