UML Object Diagram Examples

UML - Object Diagram Examples

UML object diagrams provide an overview of the instances in a software system and the relationships between them. It’s a special type of class diagram used to portray a high-level view of a system, whether that’s a large software system or a family tree.

Object diagrams are just one of the UML diagram types you can build in Lucidchart. Try the sleek, intuitive tools in Lucidchart’s UML toolbox.

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Creating Object Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Object diagrams need not be intimidating. They’re simply a type of class diagram; both help you visualize the overall structure and interrelatedness of a system. The class name is the header on your shapes, followed by the class attributes. For instance, in the family tree diagram, the title for the first object is “Husband.” The attributes of this instance are “Name: Jack” and “Age: 45.” You could create a similar diagram for any family tree, with different attributes for a given husband, but the structure remains the same.

Objects in object diagrams are represented by rectangles. To create these in Lucidchart, you can drag out the object shape from the UML Deployment Diagram library. You can also use the simple class shape in the UML Class Diagram library. Access these libraries from the lefthand toolbox in the editor when you’ve selected a blank UML diagram type in Lucidchart. Click on the images below to work from an object diagram template.

UML family tree object diagram template

Family tree object diagram example

Click on this diagram to view this family tree object diagram. It's designing for editing, so you can add your own family details. Online genealogy systems benefit from object diagrams, as long as they allow for remarriages and adopted children!

UML machinery object diagram template

Machinery environment object diagram example

This diagram illustrates the interactions of a robot with its environment. Robotics is, at core, a system with many interacting software systems. What other outside elements do you think the robot could interact with, and how would you code them?

UML corporate heirarchy object diagram template

Corporate departments object diagram example

A corporation’s employee hierarchy can be represented by an org chart. This object diagram for a company’s departments takes that idea further—rather than pinpointing specific people, it presents a bird’s-eye level view of a company.

Lucidchart is the ideal diagramming solution for UML charts. Object diagrams are versatile in that you can add more or less complexity as your system demands. Try a pre-made, customizable object diagram template today!

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