Use Case Diagram for Banking System (UML)

Use case diagram for banking system (UML)

Use case diagrams represent interactions between actors and use cases within systems. You can create your own use case diagram for a banking system by starting from this template.

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UML Use Case Diagram for Banking System

This diagram shows the relationships between different actors—in this case, a bank customer, a cashier, and a manager—when performing different banking-related actions, known as use cases. These include withdrawing and depositing money, checking a balance, and taking out loans. Different actions require various levels of security. The stick figures for actors, the ovals for use cases, and the connectors are all built into Lucidchart for your convenience. Open this diagram to customize the style, change text, or adjust other elements in the diagram.

Banking System Use Case Diagram Template

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UML use case diagram for banking system

More Use Case Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Use case diagrams are popular in both business and engineering settings, since they present a simple visual representation of user interactions. UML—which stands for the Unified Modeling Language—is a modeling toolkit that dictates the symbols and notation of certain diagrams, including use cases. Lucidchart is the perfect software for drawing any UML diagram, since it's equipped with standard shapes and easily-customized connectors. Check out the use case diagram examples below and get inspired.

UML use case diagram template for event planning

Event planning use case diagram example

See this example for a use case diagram that's helpful when planning special events, such as a wedding or fundraiser. Use case diagrams can assist you in organizing a team and communicating desired outcomes.

UML use case diagram template for websites

Website use case diagram example

This customizable template shows how a user accesses a website, searches for files, and downloads documents. Other users' actions may also be modeled, such as how a webmaster interacts with the site.

UML use case diagram template for ATM system

ATM system use case diagram example

UML can help you represent processes like receiving cash from an ATM. View this template for an easy-to-read diagram that employs basic symbols, like the actor stick figure and use case oval.

See our ATM system use case diagram example in full here.

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