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This tutorial describes how to create a default theme for your file. Themes define the style of shapes and lines placed on the canvas.

First style a shape or line with the specific attributes you’d like. In this case I’ll go ahead and add a process block and connect it to a decision shape. You’ll notice by default that the shapes are plain and the line is black and curved. I’ll style the shape with a new font and make the text a little larger, add a fill color, and use the graphic panel to include a gradient.

I’ll also change the line style from curved to elbow, give it a different arrow style, and make the line a little thicker. Now I’m ready to set the shape and line style as the default.

Go to the theme tab in the graphic panel and you’ll see a window that displays the current default settings in the document. Click “Select shape to use as default” and the canvas will produce a yellow tint with instructions to select the shape or line. I’ll first click the shape and immediately see the default shape in the window I can do the same thing for lines.

Now when I drag out a shape from the toolbox, it already has the default style applied. Draw out a line and it is also styled. I can apply the style to existing shapes as well, or reset the theme to the original setting.

Please visit our tutorial area to learn more about themes, as well as how to create templates and custom shape libraries to streamline the diagramming experience.