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Welcome to the newest version of Lucidchart. We have refreshed our user interface to better integrate all the features we have recently added. The overall layout of the editor is still the same with a toolbox on the left, properties bar on top, and the dock on the right. An important addition is the menu bar above the properties bar. For example, use the view drop-down to increase your drawing area by hiding the title bar and even your toolbox.

The dock on the right side of the page has doubled in size, as we moved less commonly used features from the properties bar to here. You can select an icon to open the panel and even drag it off the bar to have multiple panes open at the same time.

The graphic panel is active when you have an object or line selected and would like to modify its style or color. From here you can also alter the shadow and opacity, and fill objects with a gradient or an image. The themes tab makes it easy to create defaults for the entire document. Simply style one object the way you would like, select to use as default, and then apply the default to all shapes.

The metrics panel provides you the current position and size of an object with the option for custom entry. The text panel provides quick access to modifying indentation and spacing within lines of text.

The page settings panel lets you change size, margins, and orientation with a new feature of entering your own custom size. Here you can also change snap to grid preferences as well as the size of grid. Auto paginate is a newer feature that automatically adds a page when objects move off the existing one.

The shape options panel is for controlling objects that have special features. For example, when using Entity Relationship shapes, you use this to add or remove fields. With UI mockup shapes you can add or remove buttons and choose which button is selected.

We hope you enjoy the new interface. Please visit our tutorials to learn about more features and feel free to reach out to use with any questions or feedback.