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Lucidchart for G Suite is the fastest and most secure way for your domain to start creating and collaborating on diagrams in the cloud. Now your users can create Lucidchart accounts with their Google profile, automatically join the team, and even create diagrams from Google Drive.

Once the app is installed and connected to a team account, users select Lucidchart from the More tab in Gmail and are automatically signed up for a Lucidchart account. On return visits, the link will automatically log them into their Lucidchart account. That means one less website to navigate to, and one less username and password to remember.

In addition to making it simple for your users, Lucidchart also provides the administrative settings you need to stay organized. For example, you can easily decide whether new users are immediately added to the team or if you would like to manually add them at your convenience. Either way, we provide a list of all Lucidchart users from your domain that aren’t currently on your team so you can add them with just one click.

Once your team is built, there are tools inside Lucidchart to keep things organized. Promote team members to be admins so they can help manage the team, and add users to groups to simplify sharing. For additional security measures, you can set password and permission settings to align with your company’s policies.

In addition to accessing Lucidchart through Gmail, team members can also integrate with Google Drive so they can create, edit, and share Lucidchart documents -- all within Drive. Similar to the way you create new Google Docs and spreadsheets. And enjoy the additional peace of mind with the option to set up daily or weekly backups of your Lucidchart documents to Google Drive.

In addition to Google, your team account includes integrations with Confluence, JIRA, Jive, and a growing list of other applications. And migrating from Microsoft Visio is a cinch since Lucidchart is the only web-based application that supports import and export of Visio files.

There has never been a better time to start your team with Lucidchart. It’s integrated, automated, and can be customized to meet your needs. Get started today!