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Lucidchart is the best way to create and share professional diagrams and communicate visually online. Because it is built purely using open standards like HTML5 and Javascript, and without proprietary plugins like Flash, Lucidchart runs on any device and on any platform.

To get started with Lucidchart for Confluence, just head to the “Add” drop-down menu and click “Lucidchart diagram”. You'll then have options to begin a new document, open an existing Lucidchart document, or directly import a Microsoft Visio file, which allows our users to import their existing Visio documents directly into Lucidchart for Confluence and ultimately share it on their own Confluence wiki. As an example, we will simply add a flowchart template. We understand that collaboration is key to your team success and designed Lucidchart so that an unlimited number of users can work together on a diagram simultaneously, with each user’s edits and changes being reflected in Confluence. With robust version control you'll have full revision history for all of your documents.

Our focus with Lucidchart has been to create an intuitive interface for Confluence users so that it's easy to get started. For example, instead of having a line tool that has to be selected to connect two shapes, we just let you drag a line out of the shape. Similarly, users are automatically prompted for a new shape they want to connect.

Once you're all done, simply click “Return to Confluence” to view your document as a part of your wiki. You can zoom in, pan, and switch between pages on an entry.

There are a number of additional tools, tutorials, and features available to help you maximize your visual communication potential with Lucidchart for Confluence. Thanks for getting started.