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Lucidchart is the best way to create and share professional diagrams and communicate visually online. And now with Google Drive integration, Lucidchart diagrams can be conveniently created, saved, and shared in the same location as the rest of your digital life.

Once the Lucidchart App is installed from the Chrome Web Store, you can easily create new Lucidchart documents from Drive in the same way you create new Google Docs and spreadsheets. In addition, your Lucidchart documents are listed inside of Drive so you can easily launch, edit, and style these diagrams without the need to navigate separately to our website.

Lucidchart with Google Drive is about more than just storage, it’s about collaboration. And whether it’s with Lucidchart or Drive, you can easily share your diagrams with users from your same domain--or through an email invite using Google Contacts--and begin collaborating on a document in real-time.

“Visio meets Google Docs” -- we’ve said it to explain Lucidchart, and now it can speak for itself. If you have Microsoft Visio files from past projects, or if you’re currently working in Visio, you can now view, edit and share these files in Drive with Lucidchart . Upload a Visio file to Drive, and with one click you can view the file and with another you are editing a newly imported and converted Visio diagram.

Once you've finished your diagram, you can also save it back to Drive as a PDF, JPEG or PNG by selecting "Export to Google Drive" from the menu. You can also choose to backup all of your Lucidchart files daily or weekly to Drive for additional peace of mind. For years, our customers have asked for tighter integration with Google and we are excited to deliver it. Diagram when you want and save them where you like.

Lucidchart: Diagrams Done Right.