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Lucidchart is the first HTML5 diagramming tool and the easiest way to insert flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, and many other diagrams directly into Microsoft Word.

With the announcement of Office 2013, Microsoft has opened the doors for web apps like Lucidchart to integrate seamlessly with Office applications. Users who install the Lucidchart app will be able to draw new diagrams, or see their existing diagrams and easily insert them, all within Word.

First click on the “Apps for Office” button found in the Insert tab, search Lucidchart in the Office Store to go to the online listing where you can select the ap,p and choose to add Lucidchart. Navigate back to Word and select to open Lucidchart. The task pane displays a list of your Lucidchart documents, which can be selected for a thumbnail preview, opened to edit in Lucidchart, or inserted directly into the document. Once the diagram is in the document you can edit and modify its properties like any other inserted image.

You can also choose to create a new diagram directly from Word. Drag and drop shapes, quickly draw lines to prompt your next shape, add text, style an object with color and drop shadows, or even add an image. Once you’re done drawing, click "Return to Office" and your Documents list in Word is automatically updated so you can immediately insert your latest diagram.

Lucidchart is committed to making your diagrams accessible wherever you work. Our integration with Microsoft Office is one more way we’ve made this possible.