Create custom shapes & libraries

Can't find a shape that you want to include in your diagram? Learn how to create custom shapes here, and how to organize them in custom shape libraries.

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Create custom shapes and custom shape libraries to save time as you document information as well as ensure there is uniformity and standardization of shapes and symbols across your entire team. For example, look at how I can quickly drag and drop this custom shape in the form of a legend onto any of my documents instead of building it from scratch each time. Additionally, I can turn this library on for my entire team so they are using the same shapes, images, and logos. Additionally, you can use custom shapes to build parts of a document process or wireframe that you're using over and over again. For example, look at how I've saved a menu from a wireframe I was building as a custom shape so that I can use it anytime I need it. I'm building across multiple pages, let's see how it's done. To begin you'll want to create a custom shaped library as you see here in the bottom left. To do that click on more shapes. You'll see the different shapes within our shape libraries and from there you'll be able to scroll down all the way to the bottom where you'll be able to add your own custom library. Type in the name of your library and click Add. I'm going to use this demo library that I already have turned on> To access that library, simply click on it you'll be able to view through the different shapes of that library as well as right click to rename them move them or delete them. Additionally, you can turn on these libraries for team sharing so that anybody on your organization will be able to view and use the shapes you've created. Now let's look at how to create these custom shapes. To create these custom shapes simply drag and drop shapes onto your canvas and then select the shapes that you would want to be grouped together simply click and drag to select then right click and then select group once you've grouped them they now act as a singular shape and from here you can easily drag and drop them directly into your custom shape library so that when you need to use them again you can drag and drop at any time.
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