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Import & export Visio files

Learn how to properly import Visio files to Lucidchart, and how to export them for use in Visio.

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Hi there, and welcome to Lucidchart. In this video we'll learn how to import existing Visio, Gliffy, and OmniGraffle documents into Lucidchart. To begin, login to your Lucidchart account and go to the documents page. You should see an orange button and two gray buttons above the center of the page - click the grey import button and select Visio, Gliffy, or OmniGraffle import. Click Choose files and open a document in one of the supported file types. Click import to bring your document into Lucidchart. When your upload is complete close the dialog box and double click on the new thumbnail or title in the documents list to open your document in the Lucidchart editor. To export your document as a .VDX, click file and download as from the menu. At the top, choose Visio. Click download and wait for the export to save. If you have any trouble email support@lucidchart.com. Thanks for watching!