Import a document

See this guide to learn how to import your document form other diagramming softwares for a superior experience with Lucidchart.

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To import your third-party documents, first log into Lucidchart. From here click on the grey import button near the top left hand corner of the documents page. You can see that you can import multiple types of files including Visio, Gliffy, and OmniGraffle. To import a file just click on the option that's relevant to you. In this example we'll use Visio documents. Next in the import dialog box you can drag and drop your files from an open window or click Choose Files to browse through your compute. You are able to mass import files from any type. Once you have all of your files selected, click Import. Once your documents have imported, you can click view document to be taken straight into your imported documents or click Done and you'll see your imported documents listed at the top of your documents page.
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