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Check out this video to learn how to import your database structure into Lucidchart for easy visualization.

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Managing a database can be tricky and sometimes it's important to re-map the database design using an entity relationship diagram. Lucidchart makes it quick and painless to run a query on your database, upload the resulting file, and begin editing an ERD for your database in minutes. If you would like to learn more about entity relationship diagrams (or ERDs) check out our ERD tutorial series. To get started on an ERD for your database, first open a new document in Lucidchart, then use the File menu to locate data import options for ERD. Alternatively, you can just add an ERD shape library to see the options in your toolbox. From here, select your DBMS from the menu and then copy the subsequent query data below so you can run the query on your database. The method for running these queries will differ slightly for each DBMS, so if you’re unsure, check with your DBMS administrator. Once you’ve run the query, your DBMS will generate a .csv, .tsv, or .txt file. Click Next here in the Import dialog box. From here you can select the file you would like to use for import (or paste the plain text if you prefer). When you’re ready click Import. You’ll notice in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen you now have the names for all of the tables in your diagram listed as tools in your toolbox! We know that your databases can be massive and that you may only want to map a part of the database, so we allow you to build the diagram as you need it. Just drag and drop those names onto the canvas to begin working. As you do, the relationships between tables are preserved and you can add fields, change relationships, or edit keys as needed. As you can see, Lucidchart makes it easy to import your database for use in an ERD in minutes, saving you a lot of time and allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Be sure to check out the next video in this series on how to export your ERD back into your DMBS, to save even more time when updating your database.
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