AWS Network Mapping with Lucidchart Import

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Mapping out an AWS network is easy with Lucidchart's AWS import tool: Whether you're trying to understand your architecture, meet compliance requirements, or share it with others, Lucidchart can help. We support two ways to import diagrams: either with an IAM role where we query the API directly, or using a backscript that you can run using the AWS command-line tools.You can simply paste your credentials, choose the corresponding region, and then configure a few settings about how you would like to draw a diagram. Once you do that you'll be able to build it out using our new tool. You have a list of components of all different types: load balancers, auto-scaling groups, etc. And it's very easy to find what you're looking for either by filtering down to exactly the one you want or by searching for it by a name or tag. When you drag it out you'll see that it automatically creates the corresponding connections for me without me having to do any additional work. This is great because it reduces both the manual work of referring to the AWS console and also the potential error or either copying and pasting things incorrectly or trying to draw it from memory. It's very easy to drag out different types of information, so let's say you wanted to drag out an RDS instance as well to supplement this diagram. You can drag out the Jira RDS instance, drop it on the page, line it up a little bit better, and you've already created a significant amount of additional information in this diagram. The other way that we support adding things to the diagram is via node expansion. You simply select from the list of connecting nodes, either inbound or outbound, and we automatically add that component to your diagram and allow you to configure it at will. We think the combination of these two methods of creating a diagram will save users a ton of time and allow them to create more accurate diagrams as well. —— Learn more and sign up: Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: