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Lucidchart is the best way to create and share professional diagrams and communicate visually online. With the high demand and use of our product for mind mapping, we felt it was time to introduce more sophisticated tools dedicated to an intuitive and customized mind mapping experience. Start mind mapping by creating a new document or by simply turning on the mind map library in your editor and dragging out the unique mind map shape. This shape responds differently than all others in Lucidchart. Instead of using your mouse to click and drag lines and new shapes, you can easily populate new ideas by using your keyboard shortcuts. Tab forms a new child idea, Enter forms a new sibling, F2 edits the text field, and the arrow keys can be used to navigate around the map. When each idea is created the text field is automatically selected and ready for your entry. You can create a new line by pressing Shift + enter at the same time. When finished typing, press Enter again to commit the text and then use Enter or Tab to move on to the next great idea. We have engineered a custom algorithm that places each new idea in a spatial relation to the previous one but if you want to make your own unique look simply grab the parent of any branch and move it to wherever you like. If you're not happy with your placement you can either undo the last action or for a larger reset you can use the auto layout button from the shape options panel With each new level of ideas comes a great new color. This helps keep your thoughts visually organized as you get deeper in thought and mapping. We've provided a default color set, but you can change each level by simply clicking on the color box in the shape options panel and customizing the look to your needs. We are passionate about you having a collaborative, intuitive experience as you create mindmaps. when you have a great idea write it down. When you want to map it out, use Lucidchart.

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