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To edit your page settings, just open any Lucidchart document.

On the right-hand side of the page, at the top of the dock, click on the "Page Settings" button. Here you can edit the Page, Margin, Grid, Guide, Line, and Ruler settings for your document.

Under page settings, you can change the size of the page, the orientation, units of measurement, auto-tiling (or whether or not the canvas will create new tiles when you add content beyond it), the page’s background color, the scale of your content, or fit your content onto one page.

Under margin settings, you can toggle margins on or off and determine the size of the margin you would like.

The grid settings allow you to turn the grid lines on or off, determine if you would like options to snap to the grid lines or float freely, and determine just how large the grids are.

Under guide settings allow you to toggle guides on or off. Guides help you organize things on your page and can be added by toggling guides on and then right-clicking on the canvas and choosing to add either a horizontal or vertical guide. Note that you won’t have the option to add guides unless they are toggled on. You can also determine if objects should snap to your guides, as well as clearing all guides from your page.

Line settings allow you to determine whether or not you’d like to be able to drag lines directly out from a shape using the red dots or if you would like lines to jump over each other which can be helpful when creating process maps.

Finally, the ruler settings allow you to toggle the rulers around the canvas on and off as needed.

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