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To get started with importing your document, just make sure that you save your document in as an XML file. Just click File, Export As, then select XML. Make sure that the Compressed box is checked, then click Export. You’ll have a few options for where to save your document or you can just click "Download" to download the file to your computer.

Now, log into Lucidchart and navigate to the Documents page. Here you can click the "Import" button and then select "" Please note that import is in beta, so please bear with us as we try to smooth out this feature for you!

In the Import dialog box, you can drag and drop your XML files or just click "Choose Files."

Once you have all of your documents selected, click "Import."

Then, once your documents have finished importing, you can click "View Document" to be taken straight into your imported document or click "Done" and you’ll see all of your imported documents listed at the top of your Documents page.

Lucidchart is the perfect alternative to You can learn more about importing/exporting in Lucidchart through our Help Center.

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