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Create layers in your Lucidchart diagram to help you clearly and concisely show different states of information. For example, check out this way of easily showing the current, future state, and ideal state of a potentially complicated sales process. Additionally, you can use layers to show alternative states for wireframes, or charts, and much more. Let's see how it's done.

On the right side of your canvas, select the Layers icon, at which you will be able to see the different layers you've already created, and create new layers. To create a new layer, select "Add layer" on the right side, name that layer, and the rest of the canvas will be grayed out to show you that you are now working on that layer.

From there, you can easily drag and drop any elements onto the canvas to build that layer. Once you're done, go ahead and click an escape and using the eyepieces on the right side of your canvas you'll be able to turn off and turn on layers to optimize your view.

If you've already built elements on your canvas that you would like to move to a layer, go ahead and select that area of material, right-click, select "Move to layer," and select the layer you would like to move it to.

To learn how I use these different actions to toggle on and off different layers within my diagram, be sure to check out our video in this playlist. Go ahead and give it a try!

For more insight on using layers in Lucidchart, visit our Help Center at any time.

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