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When a Google Apps super admin or services admin has installed Lucidchart on the company domain, users click the apps grid or the red 'new' button. In Google Drive, click more, select the Lucidchart icon and start working in a Lucidchart account right away. If the user hasn't clicked on Lucidchart before, we'll automatically create an account under the Google profile, add it to your team, and open to the template chooser. That means one less website to navigate to, one less username and password to remember, and your users creating diagrams from inside their Google tools with the collaboration you expect from the cloud. To install the app on your domain, log into your services admin or super admin account and click the Google Apps Marketplace link on the right hand side of the admin dashboard. Search for Lucidchart, and click the blue install app button. Click continue, check agree, and click Accept to grant the permissions we need. Google will tell you each of the places you can access the app. As an admin you can enable or disable diagram creation from Google Drive. Click the link to additional app setup and accept the basic permissions request to create an account. When you first go to Lucidchart from Google Apps, you will be prompted to set up your team. Enter a team name and read the short description of the table below. We show you the total number of users on your domain, and the number of employees already using Lucidchart with limited access marked YES on the table. Uncheck the top box, then check a few boxes and click the blue send invitations button to send invitations with instructions on how to join your team. Send reminders for unaccepted invitations using the table to the right. Click next step and you'll be shown the subscription level page. Your team will default to a team 10 trial with your domain admin as the team admin. Fill out this form when you're ready to pay for your subscription. If you let your trial expire you will still have access to your documents and will keep a free account. To set license and team management preferences click the team link on the top ribbon. Then click manage Google apps at the bottom right of the sidebar. You'll see the same invitation window at the top and a Settings area beneath the window. New users will be automatically added to the team, and will receive licenses by default. To change the default simply uncheck or check the boxes on this page and click the orange button to save. The blue link shows you the team settings page where you can turn off or on any of our collaborative features, or restrict collaboration to specific domains. Use the radio buttons under licensing to automatically grant licenses. When users join the team, only grant licenses to requesters or manage licenses manually. You can check the outstanding license requests by opening your team admin page and clicking manage licenses. You can change your license settings anytime from this page. Clicking the team tab again, to explore our other integrations, check out the new team admin beta, or give users group and admin roles to help you manage your team. Now you've seen what Lucidchart and Google Apps can do. Visit your marketplace and try it today.

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