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You can easily access your Lucidchart diagrams in Google Drive by quickly syncing your Lucidchart account with Google Drive.

To sync your library, click on your username in the top right corner of the editor, then select your “account settings.”

Next, select “Google Drive” from the options on the left.

Now, click the blue “Link to Drive” button, click "Allow." Then click to sync your documents.

Finally, you can select whether or not you’d like Lucidchart and Google Drive to sync weekly, or just sync your documents manually. Once the sync is complete, you can easily create new diagrams directly from Drive. Just click New > More > Lucidchart and a new document will open in Lucidchart.

You can also view all of your documents in Drive by clicking on the Lucidchart folder. You’ll notice that any file structure you had in Lucidchart isn’t maintained in Drive. Instead, all of your documents are in one Lucidchart folder. From here, you can move Lucidchart documents into other folders in Drive. You can also preview your documents, rename them, or share them with others directly from Drive.

One quick thing to be aware of when sharing documents from Drive is conflicting permissions. When permissions set from Lucidchart and Drive conflict, the most liberal permission will always trump. For example, if I shared a document with Kari in Lucidchart and gave her view-only access, then shared it again via Drive and gave her edit access, Kari would be granted edit access because it's the more liberal permission.

Lucidchart’s Google Drive integration makes it easy to integrate visual communication into your daily workflow. Check out our tutorials for integrating Lucidchart diagrams into Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, for even more great ways to work more efficiently and effectively with Lucidchart.

You can visit the Lucidchart Help Center on Google Drive integrations if you need additional assistance.

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