Add Diagrams to Google Slides

Create, add, and update Lucidchart diagrams directly into Google Slides.

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You can easily create and add diagrams to Google Slides using Lucidchart. Start by clicking the “add-ons” button in the menu bar then clicking “Get add-ons.” Find the Lucidchart add-on and install it. Once the add-on is installed, click the add-ons button again, navigate to Lucidchart Diagrams for Slides, and click Insert Diagram.

A panel will appear on the right. From here, you can create a new Lucidchart diagram using the orange “+” button in the bottom right corner of the panel, or navigate to find the Lucidchart diagram you want to include in your presentation. You also have options to refresh: your document list, inserted diagrams, or both; sort your documents by name or date modified, change the way your documents display, or access your user settings.

When you’ve found the document you want to add to your presentation you can click the pencil icon to edit it, or click the “+” button to add it to your presentation. If your document has multiple pages, navigate to the page you want to include in your presentation and click “insert.” To update diagrams in Google Sheets, click the arrow button at the top of the Lucidchart panel and select “All inserted diagrams.”

Lucidchart makes it easy to create fantastic diagrams straight from Google Slides, or add your existing Lucidchart diagrams to new presentations.

You can visit the Lucidchart Help Center on our Google Slides integration if you need additional assistance.

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