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Use actions in Lucidchart to help you create a single source of truth across different applications, as well as better organized potentially chaotic information. For example, check out how I've built a table of contents within my Lucidchart diagram and assign different actions to each one of these shapes to allow my viewer to quickly navigate and understand information across my Lucidchart diagram. Additionally, I've built in actions across the diagram to allow them to navigate back to the home page, access a Google Doc that offers additional information on how to carry out this process, and different buttons within my diagram to show different layers and different states of my diagram. Also, check out how Mozilla Firefox uses Lucidchart to build out their customer journey flow and attach Dropbox files to each one of these shapes using our actions tool. To show what this step of the process will look like. Let's go ahead and see how it's done. To attach an action to any element of your Lucidchart diagram, simply click on any element, and go to the properties bar and select actions. You will be provided with a menu with different actions that you can assign to any element - including toggling layers, showing layers, as you saw me do earlier, hiding layers, linking to another page of your Lucidchart diagram, as in the case of our table of contents, linking to an external link, and even linking to an email. I'm going to show you the external link. I could go ahead and attach this external link and navigate to To test this link, when I hover over the shape you'll see that prompt command shift and click to test it and I can easily navigate to As in the case of my Google Doc, I've attached that shareable link that Google provides you with each one of their documents attached it using the external link action and now I can get the secrets that I need to carry out this process. There are lots of fantastic applications to actions - ones that will enable your viewers to better understand information so you no longer have to write long emails and hold pointless meetings. Go ahead and give it a try!

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