Publish a Diagram with a Custom URL

Learn how to share your Lucidchart documents and diagrams with both registered and non-registered Lucidchart accounts using the “Publish URL” sharing option.

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There might be times that you want to share your Lucidchart documents with people who aren’t using Lucidchart. While the obvious solution to this problem is getting everyone into Lucidchart, we do have an alternative option. Once you’re ready to share your document, click on the orange “share” button in the top right corner of your screen, then click on the “advanced” link on the bottom left of the dialog box. From the sharing options dialog box, click on the “publish” tab. The text at the top of the box explains that this link will be continuously updated when you share it with others, so you can share it once, then rest easy knowing that every time you update your document, those changes are automatically reflected in the link you shared. The dropdown arrow next to “Full document (URL)” gives you several options for how to share your document. So let’s quickly look at this in action. I’ll go ahead and require a password to add a layer of security to my document, then generate a link. When I click on the URL link under the Published Links heading, Lucidchart opens a view-only version of my document. I can then copy and paste the URL, then share it with others. (Open incognito window) When others click on the link, they will need to enter the password, and then can see my document. As you can see, as I make edits to my diagram, those changes are synced with the URL every few seconds. Using access links to share documents makes it easy for people to see up-to-date versions of your work without having to log in to Lucidchart.

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