Create master pages in Lucidchart

Create master pages for a more consistent Lucidchart experience.

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Master pages makes it easy to replicate static content across multiple pages without needing to copy and paste.

To start, click the plus icon in the top right corner or the page tab in the menu bar and select "New Page." Enter a title for your page and hit OK. You can add content to your page now or convert to a master to help you differentiate pages. Right-click on the page tab or move back to the menu bar and hit the page tab.

Right now you'll want to select "Convert to master." Your new master page will move to the end of the list and the tab will reflect master in the title and edge with blue. Master pages are great for creating headers or footers, adding logos or watermarks, and even mocking up websites or apps with links, hotspots, and layers. When you're satisfied with your master content, right-click and apply master to all pages or click on the target page and choose apply master from the page menu. Select the master page to be applied from the available choices and your master content will appear behind the content on the page.

To remove a master application open the page menu and select "Remove master." If you want to edit the master content, simply click back on the master page or open the master pages panel from the dock for centralized access to all of your master page features. Thanks for watching!

For more on creating master pages, visit our Help Center.

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