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If there are diagrams you use often or want to work from frequently, you can easily convert your diagram into a template and even share it with your team.

Once you finish creating a document you want to convert into a template, exit the editor and return to your documents page.

Find the correct file, then click on the three-dot "more" button on the bottom right of the tile and select "Convert to template."

Save your template in an appropriate category and add a description if you like.

You'll know you've successfully converted the document when you see the template badge appear above your document tile.

Now, instead of having the option to open this document you'll have an option to create a new document based on this template.

You can share your templates with others on your team by selecting the share icon on the title bar of the document title. You can select the people or groups you want to share your document with, edit the permissions, then click "Share." Everyone you shared your document with will get an email informing them of the new template and giving them a link to access the template. It will also be available in their "Shared with me" folder.

If you shared your template with a team, everyone will be able to access that template by clicking the drop down menu next to the document button and then selecting the "Team" option under Templates.

While we're here you'll notice that you can also easily access your personal templates by clicking on the "Personal" button in the Templates menu.

Creating templates can help you save time and standardize your work. Find more information about templates or see how others are using templates by joining the Lucidchart community.

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