Customize line style

Customize the line type, weight, color, and much more to increase the usefulness of your diagram.

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You can customize your Lucidchart document by styling the way lines look and behave. There are a number of ways you can style your lines in Lucidchart. Let’s start by looking at color, style, and weight for the lines in this diagram.

First, select the line you’d like to change, then use the line color box on the properties bar to either select a preset color, or use the eyedropper tool or hex code to customize the color of your line. You can also change the opacity of your line while you’re here.

Next, let’s change the style of this line. Click the drop-down arrow next to the line style icon on the properties bar, and select the style of line you’d like.

Finally, let’s increase the thickness or weight of this line by clicking the up arrow in the “line width” box, or by entering the weight value directly.

You can further style your lines by selecting a different angle type. Let’s click on the curve line style to change this line. If you want to change the style of all the lines in your document, you can drag your cursor over all the objects in your diagram to select them, then select a different line style to instantly convert all of your lines to the new style.

If you want to change the type of arrow or end point on your line, first select the line by clicking on it, then click on the drop-down arrow next to either the left or right endpoint button depending on which side you’d like to change. For example, I’m going to change the direction of my arrow by creating an arrow point on the left side of the line and selecting “none” for the endpoint on the right. A faster way to reverse the direction of your line is by using the “swap line ending” button on the right side of the properties bar.

Remember, you can set defaults for your entire document at the beginning of a project, or at any point in a project, by clicking on a blank space on the canvas, unselecting all the objects, then determining line styles in the properties bar.

If I select curved lines and make them blue, maybe increase the weight a little bit, then you can see that when I start drawing new lines, they adopt the default style I just set.

When you draw lines from certain shapes, like the decision diamond, Lucidchart will automatically add text to the lines drawn from that shape. You can edit this text by double-clicking on it and then entering your own text. In fact, you can add text to any line by simply double-clicking on the line. Lucidchart will create a text box in the exact position where you clicked. You can then add your text. Just press enter or click somewhere else on the canvas once you’ve finished.

Styling your lines is an easy way to make your diagrams more functional, on-brand, or personalized. Learn more about how to customize the appearance of your Lucidchart documents by checking out our Advanced Styles tutorials or get inspiration by looking through our templates library.

You can visit the Lucidchart Help Center for more on working with lines if you need additional assistance.

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