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Using Lucidchart's huge library of shapes help save you time while creating beautifully designed diagrams.

Once you're in the editor you'll see on the left that Lucidchart has supplied a few default shape libraries to start with. You can drag shapes out from the toolbox and start building your diagram right away but maybe you're not seeing what you need in the toolbox. Maybe you are building an org chart or a UML diagram and need very specific shapes.

You can access additional shapes by clicking the "Shapes" button at the top or at the bottom of a toolbox or by simply pressing "M" on your keyboard. I'm going to push M because it's super easy.

As you can see, Lucidchart comes stocked with hundreds of shapes for you to use. You can browse through different use cases and preview the shapes and diagrams in each shape library.

Select new shape libraries to add to your toolbox by clicking the checkbox next to the title. You can also add partial shape libraries the same way. When you return to the editor the new shape libraries will be in your toolbox.

You can customize which shape libraries you see in the toolbox by either minimizing or deleting them all together using the buttons on the library labels. You can also reorder libraries by clicking and dragging the labels into whatever order you prefer.

If you're looking for a particular shape and you aren't sure which shape library it's in, just click on the "Search" button at the top of the toolbox to find your shape. The first tab lets you use keywords to search for shapes and Lucidchart's shape libraries. I'm looking for a checkbox shape so I'll type that into the search. Now I can press ENTER and review all the options that Lucidchart has for checkboxes.

I can drag things directly out from here or I can pin these libraries to my toolbox.

You can also click on the icons tab and search the internet directly from Lucidchart for other shapes to add to your canvas.

Taking a few minutes to explore the hundreds of shapes and libraries available in Lucidchart can save you time and make creating awesome diagrams really easy. If you still can't find what you're looking for or need more specialized shapes check out our video on creating your own custom shapes.

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