Lock/unlock shapes

Learn how to use Lucidchart's lock feature to lock down shapes and protect your diagram from undesired changes.

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Locking shapes on your canvas can help improve your workflow and make your time in Lucidchart more productive.

In this document, I'm moving the shapes of my flowchart into various swim lanes, but as I'm working I sometimes accidentally select my swim lane instead of the shape I'm trying to rearrange.

To keep my swim lanes where I want them I can select them, then click on the lock icon in the upper right corner of the editor. You can also lock objects by right-clicking on them and then selecting lock. Now when I click on the swim lanes tiny gray X's appear around them letting me know that they're locked to the canvas.

Now I can move my other shapes around without any fear of accidentally moving my swim lanes even if I drag and select multiple shapes my lock shapes stay put. If I need to unlock them, I can simply click the shape then click the lock icon again.

Use the lock feature to make working with Lucidchart easy and efficient. Check out our video tutorial on magnetizing for more tips on how to optimize your work in Lucidchart.

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