How to Print a Lucidchart Document

Check out the best way to go about printing your document with this step-by-step video tutorial.

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Avoid complicated battles when formatting diagrams for print by using Lucidchart. Lucidchart’s Page Settings menu makes it easy to fit and format your document for printing. Lucidchart shows you where pages are delineated with a thick dashed line on the canvas. In this diagram, there’s a page break here on the right, and another one here, near the bottom of my diagram. You can manually fit objects on a page by selecting all the objects in your diagram (I like to use the keyboard shortcut CNTL (or CMD) + A to select everything), then clicking and dragging the objects to fit on the correct page or pages. You can also resize objects to fit your desired size by selecting everything on the canvas and then clicking and dragging the corner of the container around all of your selected objects to make everything larger or smaller. Or, if you want a really simple option for fitting your diagram on a single page, you can use the options in the Page Settings button. Open the “Page Settings” button in the dock on the right side of the editor. Under the “Page” heading, you can adjust the paper size and the orientation or format of the page. If you’d like your document to fit on a single page, just click the fit button and your document will center and resize to fit on a single page of the paper size you selected. You can set a margin for your document by turning on the “Margin” button and selecting the size of margin you’d like. Once you’ve set the correct paper size and oriented your diagram, open the file menu and select “Print.” You can preview your document, then press the print button. Lucidchart’s print guides and Page Settings options take the guesswork out of printing your document.
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