How to Share Custom Shape Libraries

Help your team and add some consistency to your collaboration processes when diagramming by creating and sharing custom shape libraries in Lucidchart. It's simple and easy, and this tutorial will show you how.

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Help your team standardize their documentation and work more efficiently in Lucidchart by sharing custom shape libraries. If you’re not familiar with creating custom shape libraries, make sure to watch our tutorial on that topic first. When you’re comfortable creating custom shapes and custom shape libraries, share them with your team by following these steps: First, click the shape button at the top or bottom of the toolbox on the left side of the editor, then scroll to find the custom shape library you want to share. When you click on your custom shape library, you’ll be able to preview the shapes in your library and toggle the “team sharing” button on or off. Remember that you must be the owner of the custom shape library in order to access the team sharing options. If you don’t see those options at the top of the custom shape library, it’s most likely because you didn’t create it. When you toggle the “team sharing” option on, everyone on your team will be able to see your shape library under the “custom” heading in their shape manager. They can click the checkbox next to your custom shape library name, and have the shapes added to their toolbox. Using custom shape libraries can help your team work from the same set of customized shapes and standardize your documentation. Share the shapes you want your team to use by turning on team sharing in your custom shape library.

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