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Create sleek presentations and slideshows in Lucidchart to make information easily understandable. In this document we have a fairly large process. Showing this entire process to a group could be confusing and chaotic but we can easily break it down with presentation slides. With presentation mode you decide the amount of information your audience needs to see depending if you need to give a high level overview to the executive team or dive deep into the details with individual members on your team. Let's see how it's done. To begin, select the slides icon on the right side of your canvas. Within the dock, select New Slide. When you select New Slide you'll see an orange rectangle appear on your canvas representing a presentation slide. You'll be able to select the left top corner of that slide and reposition it to the area of the canvas you need and then use all the other corners to reposition the size. You'll see a thumbnail on the right side to show you the exact area that slide will be covering, and you can click and drag those slides and reorder them in any way that you'd like. To create slides more easily, right-click on any area of your canvas and select add presentation slide. A slide will be added to cover the exact area you need when you're done working on your slides you can collapse this menu and the rest of your slides will disappear to allow you to work on your canvas without accidentally clicking on them. When you're ready to present just select the present button in the top right corner and with the arrow keys you can navigate through your entire presentation.

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