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Lucidchart’s full mobile compatibility enables your team to take full advantage of Lucidchart even if you are on the go and not in front of your computer. Simply head over to the app store and search for the Lucidchart app to access your diagrams, shared content, and even create new documents on the go with your mobile device. Once downloaded, go ahead and sign in to your account and you’re ready to go. From the Lucidchart app you can open up any of your documents, create new documents, or even share out content with any of your team just as you would from your computer. Lets click on one of our documents and take a look at the interface. As you can see, we have the ability to share and export our document, view the different tabs we have built out, add comments, format, manage the shapes we have access to and modify our page settings. We can start building out our diagram by selecting the shapes icon to open up our shape library. You can drag the library up to get a little bit better view of the shapes you have access to as well click the manage button to select the appropriate shape libraries you need to use. Simply click the shape you want to add to the canvas, move it to the correct position and then click and drag from one of the “plus” buttons to build a line from your shape. While it can be a bit tricky to build a complex diagram on your cell phone, with the Lucidchart app, you can fully edit your diagram as well as work with your team on the go.

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