Lucidchart Sales Solution Overview

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No matter what role you play in a sales org, Lucidchart can help you close deals faster, improve coordination across sales teams and clients, and avoid headaches in a fast-paced environment. Sales Engineers, and similar roles, choose Lucidchart as their go-to diagramming software for several reasons. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to quickly sketch mockups while meeting with prospects, so you can get immediate and accurate feedback. Sales Reps use Lucidchart to map out the best path-of-sale and accelerate deals. Lists of contacts and tasks don’t give you a clear picture of an organization’s hierarchy and political landscape. Lucidchart lets you visualize key influencers, roadblocks, and latest points of contact with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Sales Operations use Lucidchart to show a process instead of writing it out. When it comes to reducing inefficiencies, visualizations are far easier to consume and adopt. Our pre-made templates and intuitive interface makes it easy to quickly build out sales workflows, rules of engagement, training materials, and conversation trees. —— Learn more and sign up: Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:

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