Lucidchart Tutorials - Create a UML class diagram from Bitbucket

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Any major company has source code. Very few companies have class diagrams to easily reference that source code since they are tedious and time-consuming to put together. Lucidchart removes the tedium with our Bitbucket integration—in one click, you’ll generate a UML class diagram from the code in your repository. This Lucidchart tutorial will show you how to enable the Lucidchart integration in Bitbucket and then how to generate a UML class diagram with a single click. We also have a few tips for working with your UML class diagram once its been created. Even if you don’t have a Lucidchart license, this integration can save you hours of time by making UML class diagrams instantly, right from Bitbucket. —— Learn more and sign up: Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:
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