How to Collaborate in Real-Time

See how simple and easy it is to collaborate with others and see everyone's changes in real-time, giving you the most up to date version of your diagrams.

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You can collaborate on documents in real-time using Lucidchart’s sharing, chat, and comment features. Start by inviting someone to collaborate on your document by clicking the orange share button in the top right corner of the editor. If you give the collaborator edit access, then you can work on the document together at the same time. Once your collaborator has joined you in the document, you’ll see a square icon with their initial appear in the top right corner of the editor. When a collaborator selects an object on the canvas, a halo the same color as the collaborator’s user tile will appear around the object. You can also hover over the haloed object to see who is editing the document. The changes you and your collaborators make to the document will be seamlessly synced second by second. You can also use chat to collaborate in real-time. Click the chat icon on the dock on the right side of the editor, then start entering text to chat with everyone who’s currently working on the document. Just remember that chat messages aren’t stored - so transfer any important messages into a comment or note before closing the document. Comments are another great collaboration tool that are synced in real time. Learn more about how to use commenting by watching our video tutorial on how to best use comments. Lucidchart makes it easy to collaborate with others in real-time. Now, instead of reconciling a hundred versions of a document or trying to coordinate with teams who are geographically spread across the globe, you can use spend that time collaborating on great documents and diagrams in Lucidchart.

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