• Free Visio compatible software

    Lucidchart is a cloud-based chartmaking tool that is fully compatible with Visio. Create beautifully-designed flowcharts that you can easily import and export to Visio.

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  • Visio alternative

    As an affordable alternative to Visio, nothing beats Lucidchart. Store your work securely, explore extensive shape libraries, and collaborate in real-time—all for free.

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Intuitive experience

Tired of how Visio switches the menu around in confusing ways every time they release a new version? We’ve designed everything in Lucidchart to be intuitive, so you won’t need a long tutorial to get started. And if you do have questions, our dedicated customer service team is always standing by.

Cross-platform compatibility

Concerned about compatibility? Whether you are using a Mac or PC, Lucidchart will work for you. Upload your documents to the cloud where they are safe and secure, then edit them in whichever modern browser you prefer. You can easily switch devices and interfaces without any extra effort.

Great at any price

Visio is well-known for being a pricey piece of software. In contrast, there’s a fully functional version of Lucidchart available for any budget. Use it for free, or upgrade to the affordable premium version to access more shape libraries and storage space.

Seamless Visio import and export

We make the transition from Visio to Lucidchart so easy, you won’t be able to resist trying it. Upload existing files to Lucidchart and work on them in the user-friendly editor. Need to deliver a Lucidchart document to a client or customer in VDX format? Rest assured, because Lucidchart also allows for painless Visio exports.

Explore the shape libraries

Lucidchart offers an extensive selection of shape libraries, such as for org charts, flow charts, UML, ERD, mockups, wireframes, value streams, and floor plans. Feel free to upload your own custom libraries, including Visio stencils!