• It's like Visio for Mac 2011

    Lucidchart is a web-based alternative to Microsoft Visio. Unlike the latter, it's affordable, easy to use, and available from any operating system.

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  • Lucidchart vs. Visio

    Millions of users prefer Lucidchart over Visio. It's easy to see why—we offer real-time collaboration, compatibility with Macs, and frequent software updates.

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Visio import & export

What would it take for you or your team to switch to Lucidchart? If you require a simple transition process, Lucidchart is the perfect solution. You can import existing Visio documents into Lucidchart with excellent fidelity, then export to Visio format when needed. For the ultimate in customization, add Visio stencils to your custom shape library.

Secure access

This cloud-based software allows you to work in real time with colleagues, clients, or any other group of people. Instead of emailing version after version, you can maintain a single place of record within Lucidchart. Don't worry about manual saves—even the smallest changes are recorded instantly and available through the revision history feature.

Work on almost any device

For no extra cost, open and edit your documents on your iMac, MacBook, or iPad. Soliciting feedback is easy, too—you can send an invitation through email or a URL, then watch as collaborators join your document, leave comments, make edits, and even participate in a video chat. Work seamlessly with your team from any location.

An online Visio alternative

For years, business people and engineers have complained about the expensive price and steep learning curve of Microsoft Visio. And while it's a powerful program, Visio is restricted by the same limitations of other desktop software solutions: lack of cross-platform compatibility, slow updates, cumbersome bug fixes and patches, and so on. Lucidchart is the ideal alternative to Visio for Mac users: it works across nearly any device, browser, or operating system. You'll be impressed with the intuitive nature of the editor and our frequent improvements to the product.

Work on your preferred platform

In the time it would take to set up a Parallels desktop or establish a VPN, you could finish a great-looking Lucidchart diagram. Use the platform you prefer and experience the difference!