• Microsoft Visio Reader

    Read your Microsoft Visio files with Lucidchart. It's free to try and easy to use. Plus, importing and exporting Visio docs is a breeze.

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  • Read Visio Files Online

    Microsoft Visio is a very popular—and expensive—diagramming tool. If you can't afford a Visio license, try Lucidchart for opening, editing, and exporting your files.

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Online Visio reader

Lucidchart is the perfect Visio alternative—our extensive shape libraries make it easy to switch from desktop to web. And since Lucidchart is cloud-based, you can open files anywhere, any time.

Seamless integration

Reading Visio files is simple and secure on Lucidchart. The app is deeply integrated with Google Apps and Google Drive, so users can access their files with a single click.

Available anywhere

Our online application lets you open and edit Visio files from any device, including Macs, PCs, iPads, and smartphones. To edit these files, simply sign up for a free trial of the Pro account.

Competitive pricing

We're changing the way that software is deployed. Instead of paying a massive upfront charge for Microsoft Visio, you can choose to pay a low monthly or annual fee. Fresh fixes and updates are delivered at no cost.