• Mac Visio Reader

    With Lucidchart, you can open and read Visio files in the browser, even on a Mac computer. If you need a Mac Visio reader, Lucidchart is a fast and easy option.

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  • Visio Reader for Mac

    Lucidchart is a great option for OS X users who want to open Visio files. It's a web-based software application that allows you to quickly import Visio files in Safari.

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Visio reader without Parallels

If you're an engineer or IT professional, it can be hard to move away from Visio. Lucidchart makes it painless to view, edit and export in the Visio format. We also have a convenient offline mode for flights and roadtrips. Switch to Lucidchart—you won't regret it.

Great Visio Linux Alternative

We support native Visio files as well as .vdx files. You can also import any vendor-specific Visio stencils you might have to create custom libraries. These libraries are available for team use at any time.

Competitive pricing

Our team accounts start at $5/month/user. As your team adopts more users, the cost per user shrinks. Compare that to hundreds of dollars in upfront fees (plus installation and set-up costs) and Lucidchart is clearly the value leader.

Also works with your iPad

Lucidchart works great on your iPad. Just draw shapes and lines with your finger and Lucidchart will auto-detect which shape to use. Since you don't have to download Lucidchart, your account works perfectly on every device.