Using visuals to understand, plan and validate architecture: A Lucidchart Cloud Insights case study

David Torgerson
David Torgerson
Sr. Director of Engineering at Lucid

See how you can:

  • Help everyone involved deeply and clearly understand the current environment.
  • Brainstorm and communicate issues with the current state.
  • Validate assumptions efficiently and obtain essential details.
  • Propose future architecture.
  • Verify that implementation was completed as expected.
  • Keep documentation up to date.

About the speaker
David Torgerson, also known as “Torgy,” was the “first DevOps guy at Lucid.” He's been with Lucid for 7+ years, where he has been responsible for security, IT, SRE/DevOps, build, backend / frontend performance, business systems, analytics, and PMO.

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