Lucidchart for IT/Engineering

Paige McGregor
Paige McGregor
Lucidchart Product Pro

Learn how to save time and create clarity with visual documentation in Lucidchart. In this training, we'll explore how to quickly understand complex systems and communicate to audiences with varying levels of technical experience, as well as automate some of the more routine diagrams.

Additionally, learn best practices to manage your infrastructure, documentation, and engineering processes in Lucidchart and collaborate with others with our various integrations, including Confluence and Jira.

This training is catered towards: Devops, Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Engineering Leadership, Architects, Help/Service Desk, IT Leadership, and anyone related to the IT and Engineering Space

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  1. Fix some of the most common self-taught diagramming frustrations with our expert tips (lock, precise lines, formatting hacks and more)
  2. Manage your documents with shared folders, auto-updating fields and document status
  3. Apply custom formatting to shapes and lines and create custom shapes to clarify communication
  4. Build dynamic mockups to clarify your vision, with interactive links and layers
  5. Automate the creation of routine diagrams (UML, ERD, AWS export/import)