Lucidchart for Microsoft Teams

Bear Shelton
Bear Shelton
Lucidchart Product Pro

Join us to learn how Lucidchart can help you turn conversations from texts to visuals without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. In this session, we will cover how to use Lucidchart to visually communicate ideas, quickly map out processes, and improve how your team collaborates all within the familiar Teams interface.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  1. Add a Lucidchart diagram as a tab in your team channel
  2. Easily build flowcharts, network diagrams, wireframes, or other visuals with others in real time
  3. Use best practices for collaboration (including notes, commenting tips, and revision history) 
  4. Add a personal tab in Microsoft Teams to access all of your personal Lucidchart documents
  5. Easily integrate your work into other applications like Word, Excel, Confluence, and more!

Microsoft Teams can become your single source of truth with up-to-date diagrams that everyone can access. Learn how to streamline documentation and communication by joining us for the webinar.