Set Them or Forget Them: How to Apply Performance Metrics to Business Processes

Polly Phillips
Polly Phillips
Product Marketing Manager, Lucidchart
Jogee Varughese
Jogee Varughese
Business Process Consultant, Austin Energy

Implementing a process improvement program is a crucial step to scaling any business, but if you don’t measure your continuous improvement work, you won’t know whether the processes you've documented, improved, and implemented are actually helping you accomplish your business goals.

In this free webinar, Polly Phillips and Jogee Varughese will discuss how you can use metrics to measure how well your business processes are performing and to prioritize which business processes to optimize.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Why you should measure process performance with metrics that reflect your business
  2. How to use performance metrics in a process improvement prioritization matrix
  3. How to source process improvement ideas from throughout the organization through a culture of continuous improvement
  4. And more...