Collin MangumPablo Valarezo
July 19, 2018
Clearly Communicate Technical Information with Any Audience
Join Pablo Valarezo, Expert Information Security Manager at Acxiom, to learn how he uses Lucidchart to communicate technical processes and ideas with audiences who have different levels of technical expertise. Space is limited, so reserve your seat today! Specifically, you will learn: How to use visuals to understand complex ideas, processes, and technical information How Pablo uses Lucidchart to describe high-level processes with executives and leaders How Pablo clearly communicates technical details to implementation teams The webinar will end with a live Q&A, so bring all your Lucidchart questions!
Angie Mecham
June 26, 2018
Automate and Link Data to Your Diagrams
Interpreting complex data can be challenging - especially when it’s constantly changing. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use Lucidchart to visualize data and keep it updated in real-time across your team. Specifically, you will learn how to: Visualize insights from your data (or multiple datasets) in one Lucidchart diagram See live updates from your data in easy-to-understand visualizations and diagrams Apply conditional formatting to shapes and lines so that insights, trends, and status are instantly clear Access personalized resources and templates so that you can continue to learn more
Bear Shelton
Become a Lucidchart Expert
Master Lucidchart to communicate complex ideas, information, and processes like a pro. In this course, Lucidchart Product Pro Bear Shelton will cover strategies and tools for making you more powerful in Lucidchart, while sharing tips and tricks for maximizing your efficiency in the editor. Join Bear to learn how to: Design custom shapes and custom libraries Build multi-layered documents and link to external pages Create master pages and templates to standardize documents Present your work with slides and presentation mode Integrate Lucidchart with other applications for maximum efficiency (Google Docs, Google Slides, Powerpoint, etc)